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Cyprus Jewellery | Handmade Cyprus Jewellery by NioviArt

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Niovi art Cyprus jewellery are strictly handmade, designed and manufactured in the island of love “Cyprus” by the artist Niovi Parouti.

Each one is one of a kind, able to attract attention, as behind of her necklaces, earrings and rings you can detect her style.


Leather, semiprecious stones (coral, amethyst, turquoise, agate, tiger eye, onyx, quartz, malachite, aventurine), shell, wood, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, metal, yarn, beads are some of the materials that describe a Niovi art Cyprus handmade jewellery. Some of them were collected in Cyprus.

Niovi puts her heart and her soul in every piece she creates. Our jewellery have a personality. Each one is unrepeatable, as we are! It is an expression of your feelings and your personality.



In our Niovi Art Cyprus Jewellery  e-shop you will also find elegance, unique handmade bags and fashion accessories for modern and classy woman. They are all inspired and crafted with love and passion.

Check it out yourself and see the beauty Niovi art offers.

From Niovi art, - thank you and happy shopping

Niovi Parouti